Still Point (2012)

High Definition Video Installation
35 mins 34 secs

"In Still Point, there is an astonishing moment when light and space seem to express a building’s lack of fit between itself and its own history.”

Brian Dillon, Author

Still Point is a film installation that engages with sacred spaces and places of pilgrimage.

"Whilst filming in sacred sites in Jerusalem, I was struck by how some parts of the city have two names, one in Hebrew and the other in Arabic. How one population can ‘unsee’ another group. How one part of the city is closed off to another group – by borders which are sometimes physical and sometimes psychological."

Still Point transports the audience from the site of the humble wooden structures offering refuge along Pilgrims’ Way in Northumberland, to contested sacred sites in Jerusalem, and the interior spaces of abandoned Syrian villages in the Golan Heights.

The film evokes the tension that marks them as places of refuge and spiritual quest –­ and as materially contested sites.

Commissioned by Somerset Art Works. Funded by Arts Council England.

The shifting of allegiances – changing cultural and religious identities, the resulting layering over time, the visual clues left behind – are physically embodied in the locations Chan chose to film. Barriers and divisions are a recurring motif in Still Point, suggesting the contradictory tenets of organised religion – inclusivity and its often-inevitable corollary – exclusivity.

In making Still Point, Suki Chan encountered segregation, the militarisation of sacred spaces and the conflation of utopia with dystopia.

The Turning World (2012)

Interview with Suki Chan


Still Point Book Cover

Published to coincide with the launch of Still Point film. Richly illustrated with colour plates throughout. Features Chan's production diary as she navigates filming in the contested sacred spaces. Further commissioned texts by Gareth Evans and Brian Dillon.


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