Obscura (2014)

High Definition Video Installation
5 mins 53 secs

"Obscura inverts the street, the weather and external reality into an internal space, shifting our perception of time, space, light and movement.”

Teresa Grimes, Director, Tintype Gallery

Obscura is one of eight new commissioned films exploring different aspects and perspectives of the street.

The large window at Tintype gallery became an interface for the inside and outside, as the space was transformed into a camera obscura. An inverted image of the street flooded the interior space, projecting onto the walls, ceiling and floor.

Filmed from sunrise to sunset using timelapse, Obscura is a juxtaposition of the internal space of the gallery with the external environment of the street.

Essex Road is supported by Arts Council England and Islington’s Local Initiatives Fund.


Conscious image


Fog in my head image


Hallucinations image


Memory image

MEMORY, 2019

Lucida image

Lucida, 2017

Obscura image

Obscura, 2014

Still point image

Still Point, 2012

A Hundred Seas Rising image

A Hundred Seas Rising, 2012

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Sleep Walk Sleep Talk, 2009

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Interval II, 2008

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