Interval (2007)


Super 8 transferred to DVD
19 mins

"Suki Chan's Interval records with loving observation details of her grandmother’s Hakka home in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Through a childhood song under flickering lights, she brings alive a new space that is neither the past she seeks nor the present realities.”

Chang Tsong Zung, curator and dealer of contemporary Chinese Art

Interval explores identity and belonging, and re-connects with a place that Suki feels distanced from both in time and geographically. It investigates a paradox - that in our attempt to find the origin, we find oursleves in a new ambivalent place that is neither where we departed from, nor the anticipated destination.

In 2006, Suki made a trip to her old village in Sai Kung, Hong Kong to explore and record, using time-lapse, her old family home before it was demolished. She stood still in the space and filmed the way light and shadows changed as the day progressed. This was repeated over a number of days with different perspectives of the interior of the house. The resulting time-lapse sequences show streams of light seeping through cracks of the tiled roof and highlighting different areas of the textured and crumbling walls; and a tiny speck of light eventually revealing itself as a light bulb. The moving images progress at a slow, mesmerising pace and then suddenly flash and disappear before our eyes, sometimes too fast for us to register their resemblance. In between moments of darkness, surfaces appear like imaginary oceans and continents and globules of light seem to drift and float.

Commissioned by Asian Art Space Project, Plymouth Arts Centre and Mercy. Funded by Arts Council England.


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