Interval II (2008)

High Definition Video Installation
18 mins 21 secs

"Interval II is strongly evocative of the connection to ‘swarming’ where plurality – in this case the birds –
becomes a spectacular unity.”

Pamela Kember, independent art historian, curator and lecturer

Interval II explores our transient relationship with the built environment through the juxtaposition of two contrasting types of architecture: a cast-iron pier in Northwest
England and a rammed-earth roundhouse in Southwest China. Chan uses time-lapse to accentuate the transitory movement of light over the structures, highlighting their physical form within the altered landscape.

Shifting from micro to macro, she investigates traces of human presence within the buildings, as well as the social and cultural shifts within the respective societies.

The atmospheric soundtrack is composed by Erik Skodvin and combines Chan's ambient field recordings with old recordings of her grandmother's Hakka songs.

Commissioned by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Arts and funded by Arts Council England, London with the support of Film London Artists' Moving Image Network.


Interval Book


Interval 2

Interval II, at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, Third Text review by Pamela Kember.


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